I created the "Scent of the Moment" piece as I was preparing to apply for an art school back in 2021. It was only a few months before moving to the Netherlands. I was a bit depressed about leaving behind all my pleasant memories, so I wanted to design a method that allows me or other people to recall special moments from life, no matter where you are.

I concentrated on the types of elements that make up the overall ambiance of the moments. A feeling of the moment is created by the combination of what you see, hear, touch, and smell. I smelled the dried flower I received at the high school graduation and discovered that the smell triggers the strongest and most immediate recollections.

I started to design the ceremony where I can embrace those memories. I gathered the materials that have a smell that reminds me of the days. I put them in a beaker. Then I boiled them, and extracted.

I made a candle using the essence I extracted, to make it smell like "the moment". To create the whole atmosphere of me going back to that moment, I decided put the clock that goes backward.

Before I light the candle below, the clock is hidden. The candle makes the clock visible by making a shadow and enables me to go back in time.