I made the "Eternal journey" during a coding bootcamp I attended at school in 2022. It is a digital playground where you can experience a journey on a boat. You can interact with the work using the keyboard and mouse.

The work transitions between day and night by pressing the "-" and "+" keys. As the night descends, the moon appears above the horizon. Pressing the "b" key makes it rain (rain is pronounced as b in Korean) When holding the mouse button, you can navigate the boat to wherever you want, but not beyond the egde of the waters - it is too dangerous!

This is the code I wrote for the project. The design was made in Sketch.js

  02   RGB CLOCK

The RGB Clock shows the time in red, green and blue values. Red is equal to hours, green is equal to minutes and blue is equal to seconds. The color continuously changes to represent the current time.

The clock was made using HTML and Sketch.js. You can view the clock by pressing the button below.