I am currently studying UX design in THUAS, first year. I have completed various projects during the course of my one year in school as a future designer, that will serve as a solid foundation for my growth.

I have been continuously looking for the essential values.
I enjoyed drawing when I was younger. I used drawing as a method where I can show what I perceive of the world. And now, I chose UX design as a method that I can share my own voice, but also can listen to other people. I would like to understand people better and contribute to them having a better life.

So I want to work on a project where I can encourage people to think sustainably. I also value diversity as an East Asian living in Europe. I can see how diverse cultures can create innovative viewpoints. Being a student at a global institution has given me a great deal of multicultural awareness and understanding, allowing me to see myself working on a design team with diverse members.